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The Northwood 人文学科 program is a foundational element of each student’s academic experience. All students are required to take multiple credits in humanities courses each year of their Northwood career. 

In addition to the rigorous study of 历史 and literature, the Northwood 人文学科 program offers unique multidisciplinary opportunities built out of a response to real-world events and questions relevant to the lives of our community.  Courses in the 人文学科 program draw on modes of thinking and engaging with our world derived from the traditions of philosophy, 心理学, anthropology, 政治, 经济学, 地理位置, 宗教, 音乐, 诗歌, 和艺术. 

This fall, Northwood will launch a civics course Democracy in America: 2020 Election.  The upcoming U.S. presidential election serves as the driving content for a trimester-long course. This distinctive course will be co-taught by multiple Northwood faculty members as well as guest speakers from a wide range of areas of expertise, including 政治, media studies, 历史, 经济学, 修辞, 激进主义, 等. in order to bring students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the functioning of the American election process, the factors which affect it and the long-term implications of exercising your right to vote. 

Multiple honors and AP-level courses are also offered throughout the disciplines in the 人文学科 department including the Advanced 人文学科 Research Program.